We had a project where the owner needed to measure electrical energy consumption on several roof units and several circuits from different distribution panels. In order to accomplish this, we requested the assistance of Dean Mitchell, with Peterson Electrical Supply. Dean suggested that we contact Alexander Equipment Co. for further assistance.

Ron Schapp was very helpful with recommendations, as well as written literature on his products. With Ron's help, it made our job a lot easier. I would have no reservations in using Alexander Equipment Co., on future projects.

Our relationship with Alexander Equipment Co. over the years has proved very beneficial. We consider Alexander Equipment Co. a "strategic partner" and our association gives us the ability to give our customers a higher level of service as well as a greater degree of expertise.

For instance, one of our best industrial customers had a 20 year-old, 350 KVAR capacitor bank that was controlled automatically. The controller for the capacitor bank was malfunctioning and not bringing the appropriate amount of capacitance on line. As a result, our customer was paying a substantial power factor penalty to the utility company. To compound the problem, the company which had supplied the original equipment was out of business.

With the expertise of Alexander Equipment Co. we were able to select a workable controller from a different manufacturer and Ron Schapp persuaded the company he represented to sell us simply the controller whereas the controller and capacitors are usually packaged together. Buying the controller separately saved our customer thousands of dollars which put Cooper Electric in a favorable position with them.

It's simple to see why we consider Alexander Equipment Co. a "strategic partner."

I would highly recommend Alexander Equipment Company. They have operated their sales organization with the highest standards of honesty and integrity. Their knowledge of the products they represent is excellent. If they come to something that they don't know, they will get back to you at a later time with the answer.

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